IMG_9109  Director/Coach – Chris Goodrich

“One of the comments I always laugh at is when a coach tells me his record is 40-1.  When I ask him if all his players improved throughout the season, I am usually met with a typical deer-in-the-headlights look.  Winning is important, but skill development and life lessons should be the purpose.”

Chris Goodrich has been training youth athletes for more than 10 years.  Chris is an NCAA certified basketball coach and is the founding member of IHI Basketball.  Chris has been involved in NCAA exposure events for youth athletes in several states both as a coach and as a parent. In 2014, Chris trained at the Nike 40th Anniversary Clinic.  He was also invited as an instructor for the  2015 “Elite 60” Guard Camp.

Chris is also the Boy’s Junior Varsity coach for Chardon High School